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About Our Charity

Rural Unit for Health and Family Welfare is a registered voluntary organisation set up in 1989 and registered under the Societies Registration Act.

Our Aim has been to create a self sustained capacity at the family level and to make them free from ill health through preventive, curative & promotional health care facilities to the needy and poor…to promote integrated development of the poor, Marginalized and disadvantaged sections of the Society


Working with women from different cultural and economic backgrounds gave us an understanding that capacitating women meant empowering them economically, socially and financially. When women are strengthened, they are able to provide stability and maturity and great support in their homes. This paves a way to evolve sustainable, solid and secure communities.

Mrs. Ruth Anand

Executive Director
Rural Unit for Health and Family Welfare
+91 9343865991

A postgraduate in Psychology, M.phil in Population Sciences. She has done a lot of research in the field of women’s reproductive health issues and also is a development activist. She is the founding pillar of the organisation. She is committed to the issues of women who are in distress and other problems. She always wants women to come up in life and works towards gender equality.

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